New Terminal ready at Lagos Airport

By Timothy Choji, Lagos

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Passengers using the Murtala Mohammed International airport, Lagos, are set to enjoy relief as President Muhammadu Buhari inaugurates the newly completed ultra-modern Lagos airport terminal, today, Tuesday.

President Buhari had under the current administration given facelifts to five major airports across the country, including the Abuja, Kano, Lagos and Port Harcourt International airport terminal buildings.

The new Murtala Mohammed International airport Lagos terminal which was built by the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), working with four local consulting firms, is equipped with a 60 beds hotel facilities for passengers comfort.

Located on a 50,887 square meters, the airport consists of four story main terminal building, three story finger building, two story cargo terminal building, 82,925 square meters apron and external works, such as bridges and roads.

It is also equipped with a 10ELV system, three dimensional multi- layer sorting baggage system, including 5 arrival and 6 departure systems, 7 barding bridges, a restaurant and other leisure facilities.

The airport is also equipped with a category one navigational equipment, safety facilities and infrastructure.

It was also gathered that the airport is designed to handle 20 million passengers, annually.



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