NGO identifies alternative Psychotherapy for substance use disorder

By Salihu Ali, Kano


An NGO, International Institute of Islamic Thought Nigeria IIIT, has identified solutions to substance abuse disorders among drug users in Kano state North West Nigeria.

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Dr. Idris Salisu Rogo of the Department of Education, School of Continuing Education Bayero University Kano, presented a Hybrid Rehabilitation Model for the treatment of people with substance use disorder at a Seminar organized by International Institute of Islamic Thought Nigeria IIIT,

He said, “Combating drug problem, requires crucial, effective strategies and implementing comprehensive solutions to address the root causes of drug abuse.”

Rogo who is the Executive Director Almustaqbal Rehabilitation and Psychotherapy Clinic Kano, explores the current state of drug abuse in Kano State, stressing the need to put proper mechanism and workable solutions, in place to nip the growing incidences of substance use in Kano and Nigeria as a whole.

He said, “The number of substance disorderes in Nigeria is estimated to be 14.3 million aged between 15 and 64 years, (most of whom are youth) and above the global average of 5.6%.

“About 20% of the 14.3 million drug users suffer substance use disorder (SUD) in Nigeria.”

Dr Rogo believes that, the situation calls for serious policy rejuvenation and new innovations and approaches in the fight against drug abuse in Kano and Nigeria.

He called on the Nigerian Government to formulate a policy where culture, tradition and religion should take a leading role in rehabilitating people with substance use disorder.

Dr. Rogo Identified occupational therapy as another panacea to fighting drug users.

According to Dr. Rogo, addicts requires comprehensive solutions that focus not only on prevention and enforcement but also on rehabilitation and support.

He identified the establishment of well-equipped rehabilitation centers within kano and Nigeria, as well as offering a holistic approach to recovery as another strategy.

He said, “Individuals battling drug addiction can receive necessary support to overcome their dependency and reintegrate into society.”

Also speaking, Conmmader, National drugs laws Enforcement Agency NDLEA Kano Abubakar Idris, represented by Chief Superintendent Narcotics Sani Musa Bakori expressed satisfaction with the Rehabilitation Model, saying it will go a long way in the fight against drug abuse in the country.

The National Coordinator International Institute of Islamic Thought Nigeria IIIT, Saidu Ahmad Dukawa explained that, the NGO is determined to provide reliable solutions to drug use problem, calling for all hands to be on deck to achieve success.

Other stakeholders who spoke advocated for moral value and cultural reorientation within the family system as a means of curtailing pear group pressure.