Nigeria Governors’ Forum, UKNIAF host workshop on State Climate Finance

Chioma Eche, Abuja


UKNIAF and Nigeria Governors’ Forum to host workshop to empower State officials on accessing climate finance in Nigeria.

This was disclosed by the Acting Director of Media and Public Affairs Mr. Ahmed Halimah-Salihu of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum.

The UK-Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility UKNIAF and the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) are organizing a crucial workshop titled “Roundtable on State Access to Climate Finance.”

This event aims to bolster the ability of State commissioners, Directors General, advisors and officials to secure climate finance for their development needs.

According the Director, the event is timely as Nigeria faces significant challenges from climate change and the pressing need for sustainable financial

He explained that States are on the front line of responding to climate change so the intent of this roundtable is to
help States explore how climate finance can be a tool to accomplish their development goals and specifically how to work through political and financial viability of projects and initiatives to better approach sources of climate finance.

It will also aim to share experiences between States and kick start inter-state collaboration, with the support of NGF.
Key objectives of the workshop:
Sharing state-Level experiences of integrating climate finance with current development and investment priorities.

He further stated that insights from the Participants will gain valuable insights from UKNIAF’s extensive work on
project development and strategies for accessing climate finance.

On Collaboration platform, Mr. Halimah-Salihu emphasised that the workshop will foster collaboration among States on issues of collective interest and chatting path to bankability.

“The event will provide a space for states to identify and discuss areas of work necessary to achieve bankability for climate-related projects”

Themes for discussion will focus on the interests of the participants and will feature highly interactive
discussions on various key themes.

He disclosed that , issues like Carbon Market Financing, Exploring opportunities within carbon markets and how to develop projects that can attract investment, Bankability, Strategies for developing and originating projects that are attractive to climate finance
investors will be discussed.

“Other key areas to be looked into includes, Green Bonds, understanding the opportunities, realities, and challenges of issuing state-level
green bonds to finance or refinance projects in the country”.

” The workshop highlights the increasing interest in subnational access to climate finance, acknowledging that states are at the forefront of climate action”.

“Supported by the NGF, this event
represents a significant step toward enabling States to effectively attract climate finance for their development needs. “ He said The United Kingdom Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility (UKNIAF).

The UK-Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility (UKNIAF) is a UK government-funded initiative designed to support Nig eria in developing its infrastructure sectors.

UKNIAF provides technical expertise and capacity building to foster sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

About Nigeria Governors’ Forum

The Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) is a coalition of elected state governors created to enhance collaboration among the Executive governors of Nigeria.

The forum also aims to promote inclusive governance and sustainable development.

NGF serves as a credible, authoritative and effective inter-party platform for consensus building, peaceful resolution and advancement of Pan-Nigeria goals,
interests and aspirations.

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