Nigeria receives $4 million e-journals

Temitope Mustapha, Abuja

The Nigerian government has received four million Dollar worth of e-book donation from Ebscohost E-CONTENT foreign development partners to strengthen Research in Nigerian Universities.

The Executive Secretary of National Universities Commission-NUC, Professor Julius Okojie made this known in Abuja while addressing delegates from the Ebscohost E-Content International.

Professor Okojie also disclosed that the government secured access to over 100,000 high quality e-journals that will be made available to Nigeria Universities and Research Institutes through the Nigeria Research and Educational Network.

He noted that the resources contain over 27,000 full text journals, over 18,000 indexed and abstracted journals and about 10,000,000 searchable cited references.

Professor Okojie stated that, “the NgREN has secured access to all Ebscohost e-books collections and seven Ebscohost research databases among which are full text e-journals, periodicals and magazines of several academic disciplines and professional specialisations.”

“These will be available for free to many Nigerian Universities until December 31, 2016, the resources contains more than 100,000 high quality e-book titles, 27,100 full text journals, 18,430 indexed and abstracted journals, 9,041,400 searchable cited references daily updates and 630 videos with transcripts and related articles.”

Boosting research activities
Okojie stressed that these would grow the number of available resources in the nation’s University Libraries and will also heighten research activities amongst institutions in the Nigerian University System.

The NUC boss said the e-journals will facilitate more collaboration, access and easy sharing of resources across national and international boundaries.

He emphasised that accessing these resources, Nigerian Universities and Research Institutes will have access to a more impactful collaboration resources and facilitates accreditation of programmes.

He said the provision of the e-journals will improve ranking of Nigerian Universities.

Professor Okojie, however, urged Universities in Nigeria to utilise the resources which are available on the NgREN at no cost until the end of 2016.

“Meanwhile plans are underway to ensure that the Universities continue to access these EBSCO, as well as other e-resources beyond the expiration of the current service,” he added.

Representative of the EBSCOhost E-CONTENT, Colleen Mills said the aim is to assist Nigeria in enriching her research content and strengthening research institutes.