Nigeria to deepen relations with Angola


Nigeria’s Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, says Nigeria will continue to play a leading role in the entrenchment of democracy in Africa.

The Minister was speaking when the newly appointed Ambassador of Angola to Nigeria, H.E. Jose Bamoquina Zau paid him a courtesy visit at his office in Radio House, Abuja.

During the visit, the Minister welcomed the support of Angola in deepening the practice of democracy in Africa, as part of Nigeria’s bilateral relations with the southern African country.

Nigeria is taking a leading role to make sure that democracy and the democratization process that is all over Africa is further entrenched,” the Minister noted.

With regular elections and successful government transitions, Nigeria has enjoyed uninterrupted democratic rule since it returned to democracy in 1999.

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To keep the momentum, the new administration has been working to ensure democratic gains are not eroded as it forges its relations with countries in Africa.

The Minister said; Nigeria is not happy with disruption in the democratic processes in other parts of Africa. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has made his stance very clear about that, and I know that he has enjoyed the cooperation of the Republic of Angola in that regard.

The Minister expressed hope that the appointment of the Angolan Ambassador who was recently posted to Nigeria will further strengthen the bilateral relationship of the two countries for the benefit of Africa and the world at large.

Deepening bilateral relations

As part of deepening relations between both countries, Mohammed Idris said Nigeria was very open to the proposal from Angola in the area of public communication and media exchange, as well as the promotion of business between the two countries.

“We are studying the MoU, and I can assure that Nigeria is very open to this kind of bilateral relationship,” the Minister said.

The Minister also promised to support the request from the Angolan Ambassador for Nigeria’s Ministry of Information and National Orientation to fully participate in the Embassy’s forthcoming pragramme due in October, which aims to promote diplomatic and economic relations with Nigeria.

The meeting between the Minister and the Angolan Ambassador is the first since both of them assumed their offices this year.

“It’s a good and big privilege meeting with the Minister. It’s my first meeting and, to me, it’s a special day,” Ambassador Zau said.

Nigeria shares a long-lasting relationship with the Republic of Angola.

Both countries belong to the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), as well as the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) because of their endowments in natural resources, especially oil, which serves as a major source of revenue in both countries.

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