Nigerian Boxer Cynthia Ogunsemilore Eyes Olympic Gold


One of Nigeria’s standout female boxers, Cynthia Ogunsemilore, has clinched the 2024 Olympic ticket and she is set to represent the nation at the upcoming Olympics in Paris.

In an exclusive interview with the media at the Ilaje Resorts training camp, the vibrant and confident Ogunsemilore expressed her optimism and determination to win a gold medal in Paris.

Ogunsemilore revealed that she initially had no interest in the sport.

Her entry into boxing was encouraged by a family friend who saw potential in her. Over time, she developed a deep passion for boxing, especially after meeting other female boxers.Ogunsemilore credits her physical attributes, particularly her height, and her ability to effectively use her range and follow her coach’s instructions, for her confidence in the ring.

She has already demonstrated her prowess by winning a crucial fight against a Zambian opponent at the African Games, which secured her an Olympic ticket.

Her confidence was evident as she narrated how she felt victorious even before the match began due to her height advantage. “Well, the fight that gave me the ticket was, The girl is from Zambia. Sorry, I forgot her name. She’s from Zambia.

Me seeing her, I felt I won already because I’m taller than her. That’s one thing about me. If I should meet any opponent, me seeing you like I’m taller than you, My mind is just that you are dead already, that I’m going to knock you out.

So she was just trying to prove some silly stubbornness. So I let her know that we are not mates. We only met in the ring to box each other. So I showed her that I’m a senior. That’s when I got my ticket,”  she said. Cynthia Recounted Training alongside other determined athletes, Ogunsemilore has been focusing on honing her skills and preparing for the challenges ahead.

Despite facing potential taller and stronger opponents at the global level, she remains undeterred and is set on bringing home a gold medal, aiming to surpass her previous achievements, including a bronze medal at the World Games.

“Yes, I’m fully ready for them because… Most people I do training with, they will be like, we are not going to African Games, we are not going to, like, this is world, just like the way I went to the World Games, which I won a bronze medal, but this time I’m coming back with gold”

Her journey has not been without challenges, particularly the lack of adequate support and sponsorship for boxers in Nigeria.

Ogunsemilore mentioned the need for more governmental and private support to nurture and discover talented boxers who currently train under less-than-ideal conditions.

If not for boxing, Ogunsemilore would have pursued a career as a hairdresser, having already trained in the profession. However, her love for boxing has made her put other ambitions on hold, focusing entirely on her of Seyi Shay, Ogunsemilore finds motivation and solace in music, which helps her maintain focus and determination. Her ultimate goal is to make her family, coaches, and country proud by excelling at the Olympics.

“I’m very sure that everybody in my country is happy about me like they are proud of me. So, the only thing for them to be more happier is for me to go there and get my gold and they’ll just be calling my name in the whole worldI’m the two times African champion in my weight category, so I’ll be like world champion. I’m going there to strike them. I’m going with fire,” She said brimming with determination.

As Cynthia Ogunsemilore prepares for the biggest stage in sports, she calls on Nigerians to continue supporting their athletes, believing that with the right backing, they can achieve remarkable success on the global stage


Adukwu William.Lagos

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