Nigerian Clerics call for good governance

Stephen Fajonyomi, Abuja

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The United Pastors Initiative for Good Governance, UGIP has decried the spate of insecurity in some parts of the country and appealed to Nigerians to always put the country in their prayers.

The appeal was made by the president of the group, Reverend James Muya during a Press Conference held in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

In his opening remarks, Reverend Muya said: “We know that in Nigeria today, an individual who occupies an executive position cannot give magical results we are expecting in this kind of our today’s democratic system, because the system is already corrupt from its root but we know he can make a positive impact.

“That is why we are calling on every citizen of Nigeria to turn to his or her own God, to pray and ask Him to do what we cannot do, because only He can do what we are all expecting as human hearts are blinded  by greed and selfish ambitions. This call is being made at this time because it is only God who has the heart of every man in His hands and can turn a greedy and selfish person into a generous and selfless person in a shortest possible time.”

Reverend Muya further stated that the problems facing the country economically, socially and educationally had worsened and needs prayers for restoration and God’s mercy for a revival.

Reverend Muya called on the government at all levels to rise up and carry out their duties that they were elected for and help restore peace in the land.

“We wish to appeal for a continuous performance, especially in areas of security, economy and education, because the pride of every great nation is to have a secured society with stable economy and sound educational system. We therefore call on the Government to continue to equip and motivate our security forces as well as create polices that will improve the economy while correcting errors that are destroying our educational system, especially resolving the giant challenges that are facing our university education which has been lingering for years, most especially the ASUU strike.”

He further urged Nigerians to join hands with clerics across Nigeria to rescue the country from drowning as they are stakeholders in the development of the country.

To foreign partners, Reverend Muya appreciated their contributions and urged them to do more.

“You have considered Nigeria an important project to yourselves, by sending large number of delegates to also observe our election each time it holds.

Nevertheless, we need more of you this time, considering the interests of regions, religions and tribes over who becomes the next President. It is not going to be easy, therefore we call on you all to upsurge your efforts in observing the 2023 election to ensure its credibility.”

In his comment, the Chaplain, Apostle Anza Yakubu who serves as deputy president of the group noted that the UPIG is non partisan but will not fail to appreciate or condemn any action any political party no matter how little or great.

In his closing remarks Bishop Edward Channomi stated he wants all leaders irrespective of their political differences to emulate the leadership style of promoting peace and unity amongst those they govern.


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