Nigerian Energy Firm Partners with Slovakian Coy to Develop Battery Assembly Plant

Elizabeth Christopher 

In furtherance of its Renewable Energy investments to supply commercial and industrial demand for 24/7 electricity in Nigeria, RIPLEnergy Company Limited (RIPLE) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with GIB EnergyX Slovakia s.r.o. (GIB) to co-develop a state-of-the-art assembly plant in the country to supply battery energy storage systems (BESS).
The initiative has the potential to transform Nigeria’s energy landscape and propel the nation’s journey towards economic prosperity, fuelled by responsible renewable energy practices utilising solar generation and Distributed Smart Grid.
According to a statement by RIPLE, leveraging on GIB’s advanced technology and expertise as well as RIPLE’s local knowledge and excellent project execution capabilities, the project is expected to catalyse the development of a localised battery BESS ecosystem, facilitating the widespread deployment of renewable energy technologies and expanding access to energy.
Also, the plant will look to export to other regional markets, positioning Nigeria as a key player in the renewable energy supply chain and providing a vital source of foreign exchange.
Importantly, Nigeria’s Energy Transition Plan emphasizes the need to expand the nation’s generation capacity and ramp up renewables-backed electrification to facilitate decarbonisation across various sectors of the economy.
The statement further said; “This has resulted in increasing demand for renewable energy solutions and complementary battery storage systems as efficient alternatives to address the country’s energy deficit”, adding that at present, “this demand for battery storage systems is largely met through imports from Europe and China.
“RIPLE and GIB are committed to establishing an end-to-end battery value chain in Nigeria, starting with assembly and progressing to full-scale manufacturing and recycling.
“This holistic closed-loop approach ensures sustainability throughout the battery lifecycle – from mining to recycling – thereby minimising environmental impact and promoting resource efficiency”, the statement explained
Speaking on the development, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of RIPLE, Yusuf Umar said; “At RIPLE, we are excited to partner with GIB on this initiative which is a major leap forward in our commitments to sustainable energy.
“Our goal is to help build Nigeria’s industrial base commencing with this comprehensive battery manufacturing. We are committed to ensuring that our operations are efficient and sustainable. We believe this partnership will be pivotal in advancing Nigeria’s clean energy infrastructure and fostering long-term environmental stewardship”.
In his remarks at the event, Steven Cai, Chairman of GIB EnergyX and Director of Gotion HighTech Co, Steven Cai said; “Nigeria is an exciting and fast-growing market hungry for electricity. RIPLE’s strategy is key in meeting Nigeria’s increasing energy demand and overcoming the inadequacy of the traditional energy networks and infrastructure through firm renewable energy solutions, complemented by energy storage.
“GIB will partner with RIPLE in the quest for the localisation of BESS assembly in Nigeria. Gotion is the majority owner of GIB, with a top-tier competitive position in BESS and EV battery technology and Giga factory manufacturing and localisation expertise.
“We are excited to explore this co-development with RIPLE to create the local assembly value-chain delivering a range of BESS with our LFP technology which should significantly benefit Nigeria’s economic growth and energy transition journey towards net zero through access to 24/7 renewable electricity.”

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