Nigerian Parliament urged to review Child Rights Act

Aliyu Othman, Abuja

The Caring for Vulnerable Children in Africa has called for the review of the Child Right Act to protect children from abuse in Nigeria.

The President of the Caring for Vulnerable Children in Africa a non- governmental organisation tagged CVC-Africa, Miss Patience Asinobi said in a Voice of Nigeria programme In the News as part of activities marking the 2016 Children’s Day that over one million children are on the streets in Nigeria and require immediate care.

Miss Asinobi said that the law enacted in 2003 and subjected to further amendment in 2010 had only 24 states that domesticated it with little impact on the protection of Nigerian Child.

“It needs to be reviewed again and if you are doing something and you are not getting it well and over the years it’s still not achieving anything it means there is a loophole,” she noted.

She added that “after the review the blame could be well placed, whether it’s the parent, government or the society as the child came from a community where he was born and born by somebody”. 

Also speaking, the Managing Director Decisive Entrepreneurship Empowerment Drive, Deed Mr. Morah Emmanuel advised Nigerians to shun divisive tendencies that allowed the youths to see themselves more as tribes than Nigerians.

Mr. Emmanuel said their efforts to provide skills and entrepreneurship empowerment to the youths would make them more productive and patriotic.

” Nigeria needs to be one and I believe that we have come of age where Nigerians should not be having the Biafrans, the Oduduwas or any segregation and accept that we are one and most remain one”

He called on Nigerians to all come together and exist as one body with all the resources around the nation we should be one of the greatest economy in the world.

The leader of Decisive Entrepreneurship Empowerment Drive DEED said Nigerians should not continue to have factions and fractions that eat into the future of Nigerian Child away from the desired development.



  • Odetola Tolulope

    According to the child rights act 2003, part 2, section 11a ”no child shall be subjected to physical, mental or emotional injury, abuse, neglect or maltreatment including sexual abuse. This act was put in place for the child, though the bill is not actionable in some states of the country. It is a good thing that people are beginning to understand the need for this bill as the review of the bill will open more doors for other issues to be put in place for the child.