Nigeria’s Renewable Energy Sector Gets Support From Rockefeller Foundation

By Temitope Mustapha 

Nigeria is collaborating with the Rockefeller Foundation to scale up solutions that improve outcomes in health, energy, and economic mobility through the renewable energy spheres.
Special Presidential Envoy on Climate Action, Ajuri Ngelale, held a strategic meeting with Dr. Rajiv J. Shah, President and CEO of the Rockefeller Foundation, to explore collaboration opportunities.
The partnership aims to leverage Nigeria’s expertise and the Rockefeller Foundation’s global reach to drive sustainable development and address pressing global challenges.
By working together, both entities seek to enhance their impact in key sectors, fostering a better future for Nigerians.
Nigeria’s value chain localization initiative within the renewable energy technology sphere received a boost during a terrific engagement we were honoured to have with the President and Chief Executive Officer of the influential Rockefeller Foundation, Dr. Rajiv J. Shah, on Wednesday night in Abuja.
“The Rockefeller Foundation seeks to inspire, foster, and scale up solutions that enable improved outcomes in health, energy, and upward economic mobility for populations across the globe. 
“As Chairman of the Presidential Steering Committee on Project Evergreen, this was an important and strategic opportunity to synergize and enhance global collaboration to undergird Nigeria’s efforts”, Ngelale said.
This collaboration demonstrates Nigeria’s commitment to global cooperation and sustainable development, positioning the country as a key player in addressing global challenges.






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