No development project will be left untouched – Governor Finitri

Golfa Francis, Adamawa

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The Governor of Adamawa State, Ahmadu Finitri, says he is committed to ensuring that the government leaves no developmental project untouched in its series of Urban Renewal Campaigns.

The governor made the statement while commissioning a major project, the Nyibango -Yolde Pate Road.

He said that the project represents one of his government’s bold steps to deliver good governance to the people of the State.

“It is a project which has left skeptics and our antagonists in awe. Because of its complex nature, coupled with the attendant landscape on which the road is constructed, many people thought it was an impossibility.

“We took it up and, like many of the projects of this nature, we proved them wrong. Today, we are all gathered here to celebrate the triumph of courage over skepticism,” he said.

Governor Fintiri reemphasized that no challenge is big enough to scare or distract his administration from delivering development to the people.

The Nyibango-Yolde Pate Road is a 3.18 Km Road with 2 bridges constructed over water routes with heavy requirements for bridges and canals, which, over the years, scared previous administrations, making them avoid it.

According to the governor, When his government came on board, it dimensioned the significance of the road to the people and realised that a second route into Yola town—the nerve-center of the Fombina Emirate was not only a necessary traffic convenience but essential for historic esteem.

It is also expected to provide an accessible alternative link between the urban Jimeta and the ancient semi-urban Yola town.

This linkage will aid the capital city’s speedy cosmopolitan growth and the inhabitants’ mutual socio-economic cross-pollination.

The governor said the urban renewal campaign launched in 2020 was to reinvent the State with a mega capital city with all the municipal trappings that can open up the State to investors and deliberately produce semi-urban centers that would serve as excellent cosmopolitan withholding hubs for the containment of rural-urban drift.

Three years down the line, the vision is becoming a reality. \

“We are gradually building a State where citizens’ choice of place of settlement is decided not by the availability of municipal infrastructure but the choice of other determinants.

“Today, one can safely stay anywhere, especially within the Yola and Jimeta Municipal, with the desired comfort,” said the governor.

The urban renewal campaign is steadily coming to its complete cycle.

Last year we could commission standard asphalt finished roads complete with concrete-lined drains to ensure efficiency and serviceability of the roads in both Yola and Jimeta town.

The Adamawa State government is also ending the perennial water scarcity in Yola and its attendant consequences for the residents of the town by investments in the Small Town Water Scheme.

Also, to respond to the housing deficit in the State, the government constructed a 1,000 Units Mass Housing at Malkohi, in Yola South, with reached an advanced stage on the Housing estate, which is adjudged to be the largest Housing Programmme by a single administration in the annals of Adamawa State.

We are determined to complete and commission this project and ensure that our population is sheltered and our people are proud owners of houses they can afford with friendly mortgage terms.

In line with the philosophy of ensuring no one is left behind and nothing is left untouched, the Adamawa State government extended the urban renewal campaign beyond the State Capital by constructing and commissioning urban roads in four local government areas of the State.




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