Not Weary Over War Support For Ukraine, EU Warns

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Russia has been warned not to count on “weariness” in Europe over support for Ukraine, as European Union (EU) Foreign Ministers meet in Kyiv.

It is the first time the Assembly has been held outside the bloc. Ukraine is not an EU member but wants to join.

The meeting comes a day after further military funding for Ukraine was

left out of a last-minute US budget deal.

EU Policy Chief Josep Borrell has described the ongoing war in Ukraine as an “existential crisis”.

“Maybe it’s not being seen like this for everybody around the world, but for us, Europeans, allow me to repeat it: it’s an existential threat,” Borrell told the gathering on Monday.

“And that’s why we have to continue supporting you and discussing with our American allies and friends for them to continue supporting you.”

The EU has already announced more than €70bn (£60bn) of military and civilian assistance for Ukraine, which is set to arrive over the next few years.

Borrell has said that “sustainable and predictable” is what the bloc is striving for with its military support, and is keen to highlight the fact that support and sanctions continue to be voted through by Member States.



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