Paramount Ruler calls For Strengthening Of Relationship Among ECOWAS  

Jack Acheme, Kano

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The Emir of Kano, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero, has observed that the present challenges confronting developing nations is making it compelling for them to start looking inwards on how to strengthen their economic and commercial relationship.

The Emir made the statement at a meeting between members of the Kano Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture and members of Gambian business community at Banjul, the Gambia.

He said there is the need to do all what it takes to develop South- South cooperation, particularly within the West African sub-region.

“The various protocols within  the ECOWAS have given us common platform which we could utilise for our common good,” said the Emir.

He urged the participants in the meeting to look beyond the horizon and explore all the areas of comparative advantage so as to create a mutually beneficial relationship that could  boost our  respective economies.

“This can create opportunities that could bring about sustained  economic growth to our two nations and overall benefit of our people,” said the Emir.

He then urged them to remain resolute and work towards establishing an enviable business relationship because one of the fastest ways of creating such relationships is through commerce.

The Emir finally assured “our Gambian brothers and Sisters that we have brought members of our Chamber of Commerce to your doorsteps so as to take advantages of the opportunities and possibilities waiting to be tapped and harnessed and we are ready to take same from you.”


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