Philippines tropical storm death toll rises to 58

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The death toll from landslides and floods in the Philippines rose to 58 on Wednesday, as rescuers dug up more bodies with their bare hands in villages crushed by rain-induced avalanches.

Most of the deaths from tropical storm Megi, the strongest to hit the disaster-prone archipelago this year were in the central province of Leyte, where a series of landslides devastated communities.

According to the authorities, “At least 47 people died and 27 were missing after waves of sodden soil smashed into farming settlements around Baybay City over the weekend,

“More than 100 people were injured,” they added.

Three people were also killed in the central province of Negros Oriental and three on the main southern island of Mindanao.

The operation came a day after a landslide pushed many houses in the village into the sea.

“We have five casualties, one unidentified,” Captain James Mark Ruiz of said.

Ruiz said more boats were needed to rescue victims and retrieve bodies in the ongoing search after landslides cut off road access to the community.
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