Poultry Association Tasks Members On CRD Prevention


The Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), Lagos State Chapter has tasked local farmers on prevention of Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) in birds.



The association’s Chairman, Mr Mojeed Iyiola, made the call in an interview on Tuesday in Lagos.


Chronic respiratory disease (CRD) is a frequent respiratory infection in chickens caused by Mycoplasma (M.) gallisepticum.


Iyiola noted that there were several causative factors of CRD among poultry.


“CRD is a bacterial disease and there are many causative factors of CRD in poultry birds. One, it is contagious and transferable from one bird to another.


“Two, inhalation of food particles can also cause the disease in birds, but cold weather is not a causative factor of CRD in poultry.


“When there is bird congestion, it can also trigger the disease, therefore farmers should be wary of not taking things for granted.


“To prevent CRD among their flocks, farmers must ensure adequate spacing of their birds. There should be enough space on the poultry farms,” Iyiola said.


He said that farmers should not allow the feed particles to be too powdery, and that there should also be adequate ventilation on the poultry farm to ease breathing for the birds.


Iyiola advised that if any bird showed traces of CRD, it must be immediately isolated from the entire flock to prevent spread of the disease.


The farmers can also apply drugs in the treatment of CRD, early vaccination is also important.


“CRD usually occurs in young birds, but vaccination can help prevent recurrence of the disease,” he said.


On his part, Mr Joel Oduware, a poultry consultant and member of PAN, reiterated the importance of preparing the bird feed with quality ingredients.


To prevent CRD among poultry birds, the farmer must get the best maize quality as feed for the flock.


“It is advisable that toxin binders must be added to the bird feed to prevent the outbreak of CRD.


“Dried quality maize is essential in feed preparation, if we must avoid mortality among the birds. The soya must also be well prepared to prevent disease outbreak.


“CRD is a grain-related disease, the mould from grains usually triggers the disease.


“The mould from undried corn causes aflatoxin infection and consequently, CRD in the flock,” Oduware said.







NAN/Oyenike Oyeniyi

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