President Buhari opens Islamic Conference on peace

Ben Adam Shemang, Abuja

President Muhammadu Buhari has opened an international Islamic Conference on peace where he vowed that at the end of boko haram hostilities his Government will commission a sociological study to determine the origin, the remote and immediate causes of the movement, its sponsors, its international connections if any, to ensure that measures are taken to prevent a recurrence of this evil.

President Buhari expressed happiness that the aim of the conference was among other things, “to attract global attention to the plight of those most affected by the insurgency which is mostly concentrated in the North Eastern part of our country. These include Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), orphaned children, widows and the elderly who have been rendered homeless and helpless as a result of the insurgency”.

The President once again, condemned boko haram for being anti people even as the members use religion to perpetrate their crimes “In my inauguration address on 29th May 2015, I mentioned that boko haram is a mindless, godless group who are as far away from Islam as one can think of. I assure Nigerians that the outcome of the proceedings of this conference will be useful in that regard”.

The President lamented that “the tragic paradox of the global insurgency situation is that most of the atrocities committed by various insurgents all over the world today, are being carried out mainly by people who pretend to be Muslims, yet most of the victims and casualties are equally Muslims”.

He observed that boko haram and other terrorists particularly target the most vulnerable members of the society: children, women and the elderly.

“No religion approves of such heinous crimes against humanity; definitely not Islam nor Christianity, the two to which most Nigerians belong. This is a tragedy which all normal people must rise up against. Islam does not permit lawlessness. It frowns at extremism even in normal acts of worship. The emergence of any group advocating the contrary is therefore irreligious and unacceptable.”

He called on religious leaders to intensify their efforts to send out the real teachings of their religion in order to counter the diabolical ideology that motivates the insurgent elements.

President Buhari used the forum to call on all religious, community and political leaders to mobilise their followers against corruption and crimes of any kind and to encourage them to be more tolerant of one another, recognize the rights of others as they want others to
recognize their rights to worship and live freely.

Buhari-Islamic Conference2International Conference for Peace and Nation Building was jointly organized by Jama’atu Izalatil Bid’a Wa Iqamatis Sunna based here in Nigeria, and the Muslim World League.

His Eminence, Professor Abdullahi bin Abdulmohsin Al- Turki, the Executive Secretary of the Muslim World League led other international delegates to the conference.

The conference aims at promoting national, regional and global cooperation against the spread of insurgency, correcting the distortions about the concept of peace in Islamic ideology and philosophy, and contributing to the global fight against terrorism.