President Buhari Set To Unveil Agency’s Strides

By Ene Okwanihe, Abuja

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The National Agriculture Land Development Authority NALDA says its agriculture activities in rural Nigeria have impacted the lives of people in the project host communities spread across the regions in Nigeria. 

The Executive Secretary of NALDA Prince Paul Ikonne said this at a media briefing in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

With the resuscitation by President Muhammadu Buhari in June 2020, The National Agriculture Land Development Authority NALDA has set the ball rolling by establishing its presence in rural Nigeria with different agriculture activities which aim at promoting youth/women empowerment, agribusiness, and rural agricultural development.

Two years down the road, President Buhari is set to showcase NALDA’s achievements in Rural Nigeria.

The event which is slated for later in the week would showcase the agency’s agriculture strides across the country.

Prince Ikonne, who reeled out some of NALDA’s achievements, said the agency has empowered over fifty thousand young Nigerians in two years and has received all the needed support to function unhindered from President Muhammadu Buhari.

“When the President NALDA was resuscitated, there was nothing NALDA inherited, the present administration did not inherit anything in terms of equipment or infrastructure from the old NALDA but as we speak today NALDA has office offices in almost all the 36 states including the FCT, NALDA has acquired tractors, farm implements, we have farms across the country and in all the 6 geo-political zones within this space of time and have empowered over 50 thousand young Nigerians aside women”

According to Prince Ikonne, President Buhari is laying a foundation that would benefit Nigerians later.

“So the foundation that the president is using NALDA to build would begin to yield more fruits and more impact long after Mr. President has gone, the most important is that a strong foundation has been laid in resuscitating NALDA and giving the agency all the support that is required for the agency to function effectively”

“President will be unveiling what NALDA has been doing within these two years that is back to better the lives of Nigerians and development our Agricultural space”


The Executive Secretary said with the combined efforts of the Nigerian government and Nigerians despite the challenges encountered in the form of flood there will be no food shortage in Nigeria come 2023.

Citing reasons, Ikonne said the awareness created by this administration for people to go into agriculture has motivated many Nigerians to go into food production.

He added that a lot of Nigerians keyed into the idea and went into farming which would in turn ensures food availability in the country.


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