President Tinubu Departs South Africa For Abuja

By Temitope Mustafa


President Bola Ahmed Tinubu departed South Africa on Thursday after attending the Inauguration ceremony of President Cyril Ramaphosa for his second term in office.

Voice of Nigeria correspondent reports that President Tinubu who was one of the eighteen Presidents invited for the swearing ceremony of the re-elected President of South Africa, attended the historic event, along with other African Leaders.

The Nigerian Leader also on Thursday morning before his departure from Johannesburg at Radisson Blu Hotel in Johannesburg received the host President, Cyril Ramaphosa, in a private closed meeting where President Ramaphosa thanked President Tinubu for honouring the invitation to attend his inauguration for a second term in office.

 At the meeting, President Tinubu also lauded the South African President,  Ramaphosa for strengthening democracy on the African continent, applauding the government’s national unity initiative as a stabilizer of the political situation in the country. 

The Nigerian Leader from his Eid Adha Holiday in Lagos arrived at the Airforce Base, Water Kloof Airport, Pretoria at about 5:20 pm local time on Wednesday.


Lantana Nasir

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