President Tinubu Urged to tackle national problems via Earth Observation

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The Geo-Information Society of Nigeria GEOSON has urged the newly inaugurated President Bola Tinubu to deploy Earth Observation (EO) into tackling national issues.

The President of GEOSON, Fikta Bilshakka, made the call while reacting to President Tinubu’s inaugural speech after his swearing-in as the 16th President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

President has enumerated different sectors that his administration would be addressing the concerns.

He listed security, agriculture, job creation for the youths through the digital economy, infrastructure development, removal of subsidies and monetary policy, among other issues.

“I think the new President has a very clear mandate and ways to sort out the Nigerian problems.

“Recently we had an event that centered on EO and with all these things that he has mentioned, if EO is properly implemented and used, certainly there will be proper development in a short time.

“I am happy again he talked about the security, you cannot at the moment completely curb off security issues without proper Geo-Information and EO plays a key role,’’ he said.

He added that as professionals they would be engaging with the president and his team on ways to leverage EO to reduce security concerns to 90 percent.

According to him, EO gives you every information you need about agriculture, soil type, erosion, disaster management and all other man-made problems.

He further said that there would be a need to use high-resolution satellites that could capture images for analysis and decision-making.

Bilshakka prayed that within a short period if the President could take steps towards national development, the people would be elated to have a president that understood the Nigerian problems.

The GEOSON president also hoped that President Tinubu would have good and patriotic cabinet members to advise better in addressing national challenges.


NAN/Dominica Nwabufo

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