Punch at 50: ‘Timeless Lens’ photo exhibit starts at Lagos


On Wednesday, Punch Newspapers kicked off a three-day photo exhibition, “Timeless Lens: A Newspaper’s Visual Journey through Nigeria’s Historical Events,” marking a milestone in their 50th-anniversary celebration.

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The photo exhibit takes place at the Alliance Francaise de Lagos/Mike Adenuga Centre in Ikoyi, Lagos.

It presents a compelling review of crucial moments in Nigeria’s history captured by Punch’s photographers. According to verified source, the exhibition hall showcases a striking collection of 100 iconic photographs, narrating the vibrant history of Nigeria and its people spanning the last five decades. From influential political rallies to cultural festivals, these images vividly portray the essence of Nigeria’s diverse tapestry.
The exhibit honors Nigeria’s cultural legacy, featuring photographs that highlight the liveliness of traditional festivals, dance performances, and artistic expressions throughout the nation.

Adeyeye Joseph, the Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief, said that the exhibition stands as a heartfelt homage to the legacy of Punch Newspaper and the enduring spirit of Nigeria.
“The historical significance provides an alternative for people who are still interested in politics to see history as it was frozen in time at a particular time.”
“And therefore to get familiar to the twist and turns of our nation’s history.
“Our job essentially is to inform, educate and in the case of Punch, to also entertain. And when you look at the pictures here, we have a collection of photographs that do exactly that.”
“For example, we have the one of our President, Bola Tinubu, showing his prime some years back as part of a very strong anti-military pro-democratic movement.”
“We also see photographs of carnivals in Lagos and Calabar that entertain.
“It has a corporate significance for us in Punch because some of the photographs also tell our own personal, peculiar story about the evolution of our brand from a lively paper for lively minds, to the most widely read newspaper in Nigeria,” he said.

He emphasized that the invaluable asset at Punch is its human resources—the dedicated staff. He highlighted efforts made to establish an environment conducive to unrestricted creativity and thriving for everyone.
“When our photographers go out to get pictures, they know that we don’t bury good pictures, we put them in middle of the newspaper and also in the cover, and when we do things like that, this will inspire them to want to do more.
“Our editors also know that they have a legacy to sustain, they have Punch, which is no longer a business enterprise but a national institution and they have a role to play in the sustenance of that ideal,” he said.
Former Ogun State governor, Chief Olusegun Osoba, praised Punch Newspaper for consistently upholding the truth.
“Punch is the cleanest in terms of presentation in the country, Punch stands for speaking the truth and facing authority and speaking the truth.”
“I respect the opinion of Punch and those who have been managing it over the years since the founder passed away. I congratulate all of them.”
“I have been involved with Punch over the years, it is a thing of joy to see that the children of late friend of mine, Olu Aboderin, have all worked hard to keep the flag flying, I congratulate them.”
“Punch has had positive effect on the policy of governance in the country,” he said.
Additionally, Stanley Ogidi, Chief Photographer at Punch, expressed delight at the chance to celebrate his collection of photos.
“I am overwhelmed with joy because this is a major milestone for me and my team. It is almost rare for a media house to celebrate the photojournalists.
“I am grateful to the management. This is an opportunity for me to assure our readers and audience that they will continue to get the best of photojournalism and photography from Punch.”
“This is the first time that my works are being exhibited officially and so this remains a major milestone for me and I intend to leverage this achievement to see how we can also upscale.”
“Punch Newspaper has not only celebrated its milestones but has also invited us all to reflect on the indelible imprint of history and the power of visual storytelling to inspire, educate, and unite us as a nation,” he added.