Regional Mega Cattle Market to boost IGR

Abdullahi Idris, Gombe.

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Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has donated land to cattle dealers for the establishment of a regional cattle market, which will in turn boost the State’s internally generated revenue (IGR).




Making this disclosure in an interview with Voice of Nigeria in Gombe, the Acting President of Amalgamated Cattle Dealers Association of Nigeria, Alh. Yahuza Yusuf, lauded the foresight of the governor.




It would be recalled that there was a proposed plan to establish a Cattle Market in Otukpo, Benue State, by the late Premier of Northern Nigeria, Sir, Ahmadu Bello, Sardauna of Sokoto, which the present leadership of the Cattle Dealers Association has also considered.




Hitches encountered in the transportation of animals from the North to the southern part of Nigeria would be resolved with the creation of the region cattle market.




However, the establishment of the proposed animal market in the North comes at a time the Federal Government is urging for expansion and increase of revenue generation at the State and local government levels.




These new steps by the Association would alleviate the suffering of the transporters and animals, while transporting them from the North to the southern part of Nigeria.



Yusuf said their Association has answered the call made by many Northerners on the establishment of a mega cattle market in the region.




“The Association was given a land by the Governor of Kogi State to establish the animal market in the North, which would alleviate the sufferings of members.


“We swiftly acted on these calls, because we met with the Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, who gave us five lands in different locations. We chose one of them, which we intend to establish Cattle Market there. 




“Initially, there was a market in Otukpo, Benue State, which was established during Sardauna’s time.



“We want government to build that of Kogi State for us. If the government can’t build it for us, we will look for investors to come and invest. 



“We will negotiate on how and when the market can be run by him. Then, it will be handed over to us. After that we look on that of Otukpo and develop it too so that we have two of them.



“If there is no any improvement as we are battling today, we will ask all our members to come to border towns; we’ll do our bussiness, you come and buy and we sell to you. Every one will go back home safely, and we are heading to that  because the hardship is too much,” said Yusuf.



He revealed the various challenges faced by  members of his union on Lagos road, while urging for improved road networks on areas linking North with Lagos State, especially Benue State to the eastern part of the country.



He lamented other challenges cattle dealers  faced, while transporting animals from the north to the eastern part:

“The challenges include cost of transportation, security challenges and multiple taxation, but if the intended building of a Mega Cattle Market is based here in the north, it will solve a lot of problems that cattle dealers face on roads and at some markets in the south,” Yusuf said.



Reacting to allegations that commuters don’t pay taxes and union dues as at when due, Yusuf  debunked the allegations:



“We pay revenue where we loaded cows. Thank God from Gombe or Sokoto or Maiduguri to Lagos, you will travel freely, you will not pay one Kobo on the road, until you reach Lagos; that is where you pay State Government ₦3,500; local government ₦2,500 and vendors of company you pay them ₦ 20,000 on each cow.



“This is what we are spending in Lagos. We spend too much while travelling to eastern region. We spend nothing less than ₦250,000 or more than that, especially if we are passing through Benue State.



“There is no place we encounter challenges of multiple taxation in the whole country like Benue State, you will meet not less than 50 illegal revenue collection and unnecessary check points in Benue State alone.



“If you loaded animals from Adamawa or Taraba you spend nothing less than N350,000 on the road, if you pass through Benue.”



The Acting President also appreciated  members of the Amalgamated Cattle Dealers Association of Nigeria for the co-operation and support they have accorded him.


He also called on them to be law-abiding citizens any where they find themselves, just like they have been known for.
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