Russia’s ‘Evil Cannot Be Trusted’, Zelensky Warns UN

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has told the UN General Assembly that “Evil cannot be trusted,” as he urged the world to unite to end Russian aggression against his Country.

In a passionate speech in New York, Zelensky said a nuclear-armed Moscow must be stopped from “pushing the world to the final war”.

He also accused Russia of weaponising everything from food to energy.

Russia’s full-scale invasion has prompted widespread condemnation.

In a speech which focused heavily on the danger Russia poses to the world, he argued that other common challenges such as climate change can only be properly addressed after Moscow had been pushed back.

“While Russia is pushing the world to the final war, Ukraine is doing everything to ensure that after the Russian aggression no-one in the world will dare to attack any nation,” Zelensky said to world leaders attending the annual General Assembly.

He also said Russia simply had “no right to hold nuclear weapons”.

“Weaponisation must be restrained, war crimes must be punished, deported people must come back home, and the occupier must return to their own land.

We must be united to make it, and we will do it!”  Zelensky said.

He also accused Moscow of carrying out “genocide” by abducting Ukrainian children.

In March, the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin over the alleged unlawful deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia.

Moscow has repeatedly denied Ukraine’s accusations but a number of international experts and organisations point to a growing evidence that Russia has committed war crimes in Ukraine.



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