SAMOA Agreement: Nigerian Government Requests Media Trust Owners To Admit Inaccuracy


The Nigerian government has asked the Media Trust Limited, Owners of Daily Trust Newspaper to admit its ‘falsehood report’ on the SAMOA Agreement requesting the medium to admit its inaccuracy and apologise to the nation.

The Minister of Information and National Orientation, Alhaji Mohammed Idris said after the Council meeting that the council discussed and expressed strong dissatisfaction with a report published by the Daily Trust newspaper regarding the Samoa Agreement.

According to Alhaji Idris, the government views the Daily Trust report as “misleading, false and designed to create confusion in the land.

 “There was also a discussion on the report by Daily Trust reports that we have commented about in the past and the position of the government on that report. The federal government insisted that that report on the Samoa agreement was misleading, it was false and designed to create confusion in the land. 

 “My ministry briefed the Federal Executive Council on all the steps we have taken, including writing to the industry’s ombudsman to draw the attention of Daily Trust NewsPaper about that very misleading report. We expect that the industry’s ombudsman will look at that dispassionately and FEC will be patient to await the report of the ombudsman. 

 “Suffice to say, that the Federal Government views that report by Daily Trust very seriously and is urging members of the Press to please report responsibly in the interest of our country”. 

 He said the federal government has written to the industry’s ombudsman, urging the organisation to look into the matter and address the “excesses” of the Daily Trust.

The minister emphasised that the government is committed to press freedom and has no intention of limiting the Nigerian media.

“FEC also stated its commitment to media freedom and the freedom of expression in this country. As we have said over time, there is no intention whatsoever for the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to gag the press or be seen in any way working in the way of media freedom or press freedom. 

 He called on the media to report responsibly and avoid spreading fake news and misinformation, which he said have caused damage to the psyche of the Nigerian people.

“More than ever before government is committed to ensuring that the media, will continue to operate in an environment that is very friendly and supportive of their work as a strong pillar for the continuous enthronement of democracy in our land. We but like we have said over and over again call on the Nigerian media to please show restraint in the kind of reporting that they provide for Nigerians. So that fake news and misinformation will have no place in our society”. 

Alhaji Idris said the government expects the industry’s ombudsman to look into the matter objectively and that the Daily Trust should acknowledge its mistakes and apologize to the nation.

The minister further assured that the government is ever ready through the Freedom of Information Act to provide relevant information that would support credible reportage, he added that the media can equally access information from relevant government agencies.


Dominica Nwabufo

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