Scabies Outbreak Affects Thousands in Eastern Uganda

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Ugandan health authorities say an outbreak of the skin condition scabies has affected about 25,000 people in an eastern district near the capital, Kampala.

Scabies is an infestation of tiny mites in the skin.” It is contagious between people.

Head of health services in Pallisa district, Geoffrey Mulekwa, told the BBC that those affected were from fishing villages in Kasodo and Oloki areas.

Locals first alerted officials to the outbreak two months ago after noticing several cases of a severe skin condition that causes “itching and rashes.

Officials blame communal practices like bathing in the lake for the rising infections where there is ‘poor hygiene.’

Villagers are now being encouraged to stop communal sharing, bathe twice a day with soap, wash bedding and dry them under the sun.

Ironing of clothes is also recommended to those who can afford it.

Many however struggle to afford laundry bar soap whose cost has risen from $1.2 (£1) two years ago to $2.21.

‘Medicated creams’ that could help ease the itching are not part of the “essential medical supplies” provided by the government.




BBC/Modinat Osanyinpeju



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