Snakes kill 27 people in Taraba

Rebecca Mu'azu, Gombe


Authorities in Donga Local Government Area of Taraba state have confirmed the death of about twenty-seven people, who were bitten by snakes currently ravaging the area.

The Counsellor Representing Suntai Ward, Mr. Filibus Sambo said the snakes were raking havocs and that efforts to save the victims had failed, as both the traditional orthodox medications were not effective.

Mr. Sambo said four people died in Suntai, eight in Kadarko, nine in Tor-Damis Akate, four in Kumbo and two in Gayama, bringing the total number to twenty-seven people.

He called on relevant authorities to urgently come to the aide of the affected communities.

The Chairman of Donga said Local Government Area, Mr. Ibrahim Barnabas Pasoki, said the venomous reptiles had spilled over to the administrative headquarters of the area council and other parts of the area.

Mr. Barnabas said the council was trying to get the attention of state government to come to their rescue.

Reports have it that the situation has forced some people residing in the area to relocate to other parts of the state and that some medical personnel presently giving treatment to some of the victims believe that the death toll would increase if urgent measures were not taken to make snake antivenom available to the communities.