Social Media creates more opportunities for Comedians – I Go Dye

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Comedian, Francis Agoda, popularly known as I Go Dye, says social media has created more opportunities for comedians to project themselves better, especially since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interview, he said, “the effect of the pandemic is still on. The pandemic really affected the entertainment industry due to its nature of dealing with crowds, and many things had to be put on hold because of social distancing regulations. However, social media created an avenue for comedians to project themselves at the time, and it is now getting better. We are relieved to see the world gradually coming back to its natural state, although activities are still regulated.”

I Go Dye also maintained that stand-up comedians would always have their place despite the inroads made by social media comedy.

He said, “Art is an expression built on individual and collective creativity. In life, every season has its dimension, hence the trend today is controlled by social media, but the reality is made obvious when the stage is set. So long as people meet at social functions and events still take place, stand-up comedy will surely have its place. I am of the view that stand-up comedy has created new avenues for comedians to showcase their creativity, and that is a welcome development. The sky is large enough to accommodate all the stars.”

Punch/Hauwa Abu

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