Somalia: AMISOM kill 12 Al-Shabaab militants

AMISOM peacekeepers in Somalia

Troops from the Africa Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) have killed 12 Al-Shabaab militants and captured a town in southern Somalia.

AMISOM said in a statement that its troops and the Somali army killed the militants and injured 14 others in an ambush targeting the militants who were moving to Barire district in Lower Shabelle region. “A large cache of weapons” were seized.

The joint forces took control of Mir-tugo area in Middle Shabelle as Al-Shabaab militants fled. The statement however said: “Fleeing Al-Shabaab killed two innocent civilians in retaliation.”

“The enemy (Al-Shabaab) was routed from Mir-tugo town and joint forces are patrolling the town and are in total control of it,” the statement said.

Somalia-based Islamist group Al-Shabaab has lost several of its key strongholds in the past four years, but still carried out frequent attacks in the country.


Xinhua/Zainab Sa’id