Sonko’s “caravan of freedom” heads to Dakar

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The long convoy of vehicles departed Sonko’s town, Ziguinchor, in a bid to gather support for Sonko’s presidential bid next year.

“In fact, I wouldn’t say it’s a political battle, as people think. It’s just that he gave as a concept: caravan of freedom. What has changed is that, now, instead of getting together with people to talk in public places, so as not to defy the prohibitions, we use a caravan in the big cities of the departments”, said Bassirou Coly, deputy mayor of Ziguinchor.

The popular opposition leader has declared himself a candidate to replace President Macky Sall in next year’s elections.

“The objective is not to dislodge President Macky Sall. If Macky Sall succeeds in his quest to eliminate the people’s candidate Ousmane Sonko, he will face the Senegalese people. It is not Ousmane Sonko that he will face, it will be the Senegalese people who are there watching”, added the deputy mayor.

Next week, a court will issue its verdict in a case involving Sonko and allegations of rape.

African news/Jide Johnson.

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