Sorting of ballot begins at APC Presidential primary

Aanya Igomu and Chioma Eche, Abuja

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Sorting of ballots has started at the All Progressives Congress, APC Presidential primary holding at the Eagle Square, Abuja. 

The APC Election Planning Sub-committee is sorting out the ballot by calling out the names written on the Ballot paper. 

Ballot papers that do not have the name of any of the 14 approved aspirants or a special stamp by the election Planning subcommittee are kept aside as invalid votes.

The agents of the 14 aspirants who contested are situated at the spot to monitor the ballot and ensure that the names of their principle is what is written on the ballot and put in the correct box. 

Security is tight around the sorting spot, only the necessary personnel such as party agents, security personnel, election monitor from the Independent National Electoral Commission are INEC are allowed around the Sorting spot. 

The voting which started around 1am on Wednesday, 8th June morning ended around 8am on same morning. 

The delegates at the convention voted by writing the name of the aspirant of their choice on the ballot paper.





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