South Korea apologises for failed missile launch

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South Korea’s military has apologised for its failed missile launch during a joint drill with the United States.

The launch had raised alarm and suspicion among citizens in the coastal city of Gangneung.

They reported hearing an explosion and seeing a fire overnight.

The military said that the Hyunmoo-2 missile carried a warhead but that it did not explode, and apologised for causing worry.

However, the military didn’t acknowledge the incident on time until about seven hours later, hinting that no casualties was recorded.

The launch was the fifth carried out by Pyongyang in a week.

Many of its missile tests are conducted on a flight path that reaches a high altitude, avoiding flights over its neighbours.

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The launch was also in response to North Korea firing a missile over Japan in the early hours of yesterday.

Meanwhile, the South Korean military has also  confirmed that one of its missiles had failed soon after it was launched, although this was separate to the ones launched with the US.

This is the first time Pyongyang has flow a missile over Japan since 2017,  and it prompted a show of force from the US, Japan and South Korea who have conducted the military drills.


Samuel Omowumi Racheal

Source BBC
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