Stop bombing pipelines, Reps plead with militants

Lawan Hamidu, Abuja.

 The House of Representatives has urged the militants, Niger Delta Avengers to embrace peace and discontinue the bombing of oil installations in the region.

The House also urged the Nigerian Government to formulate a sustainable plan to end militancy rather than the confrontational approaches so far adopted.

These resolutions were in a motion on the need for an improved funding for the amnesty programme and a suitable strategic plan to end militancy in the Niger Delta.

While moving the motion on the floor of the House on Wednesday, one of the sponsors of the motion, Mr. Ekpenyong Ayi, noted that the twenty billion naira proposed by the government is inadequate to sustain the payment of stipends of N25,000 to ex agitators, pay in training allowances, tuition fees and other commitments.

“The incessant attacks on oil facilities has led to Nigeria losing its place as Africa’s largest oil producer because its oil output has fallen to a 22 year low of 1.4 million barrels per day against the budgetary target of 2.2mbpd.

This massive cut from the proposed N55bn of the amnesty office has threatened the sustainability of the Amnesty programme. This has led to a resurgence of militancy, as the militants  are being owed arrears of stipends which has in turned to slump in oil production. “ the law maker said.

Mr. Ayi noted that the attacks have negatively impacted on electricity output in the country, as thermal power stations are reliant on gas to power the turbines.

The House in the sitting also mandated its committee on Federal Capital Territory to undertake an investigation into the Centenary City project to determine if it was done according to the extant laws.

The Centenary City project was Initiated to mark the 100 year anniversary of Nigeria by the Goodluck Jonathan administration on January 1, 2014 which is to be funded by the private-sector.

The resolution by the House was sequel to motion entitled “call for investigation of alleged irregularities surrounding the centenary city project” sponsored by Mr. Timothy Golu.

While moving the motion on the floor of the House, the lawmaker alleged that the Centenary City project was marred with irregularities which may have cost the Federal Government and the Federal Capital Development Authority billions of naira and loss of thousands of hectares of land.

“It was to showcase Abuja as a modern city. Government was not supposed to be part of it. People were meant to be compensated, there is restiveness as there has been no compensation given. With these irregularities, I want this House to investigate it,” Golu said.