Unesco to set up Centre of excellence on mathematics

Temitope Mustapha, Abuja

Unesco says plan is underway to set up Centre of Excellence on Mathematics in Nigeria.

Unesco Representative, Dr Osuji Otu made this known in Abuja while addressing participants at an International Symposium jointly organised by the African Academy of Sciences and African Mathematical Union on Current Research Trends in Mathematical Sciences and Applications.

Dr Osuji stated that the Symposium would chart effective course for better propagation of current developments in the Mathematical Science for the African Continent.

He noted that Nigeria was granted Unesco Chair of Mathematical Science as parts of efforts to change the current trend on the decline of the studies of Mathematics in Africa.

Dr Osuji, however, said that Unesco is partnering with the National Mathematical Centre to reverse the trend in Nigeria.

“The status of mathematics in our schools and universities is in sharp decline and this explains the interest of Ecowas; it has displayed by hosting the symposium jointly organised by the African Academy of Sciences and African Mathematical Union.”

“The standard of living of a nation depends on scientific and technological development which implies foremost of development and research in all sectors and particularly in the fields of mathematics,” Dr Osuji emphasied.

The Unesco Representative stressed that there is a need to redefine effective strategy to share skills and pull all hands on deck in order to rebuild a common vision in mathematical and science studies.

Redefining mathematics

Speaking on the importance of the International symposium on Science and mathematics on the African continent, the President of the African Mathematical Union and the Director General of the National Mathematical Center , Professor Adewale Solarin said the conference will help reframe national and regional policies on mathematical sciences.

Professor Solarin also said that the Symposium will expose Africans to the current trend and frontiers of research to key areas of mathematical sciences.

He stressed that the conference will chart an effective course for further propagation of current developments in the studies of mathematics.

“The aim is to get experts from across the world to expose Africans to the current trends that is the frontier of research in the various areas of mathematical sciences and it has the benefit of reducing cost as we had it ,we have many professors on the subject matter all over the world and we also have many students from across Africa to learn from them and tap into their wealth of experience ,” Professor Solarin said.

Also Speaking on the Symposium hosted by the Ecowas Commission in Nigeria is the President of the African Academy of Sciences, Professor Aderemi Kuku , who said that the symposium will reposition mathematical and science on the continent.

“The Pan African symposium aim to readdress the imbalance in the studies of mathematics, it will redirect focus on improving the lots of mathematical science in the continent,”
he said.

Professor Kuku disclosed that Nigeria is in the fore front of repositioning science and mathematics in Africa.

“The symposium is an impetus to the younger generations to discover that there is much to gain in pursuing a career in mathematical science and Its applications,”
he added.