UNGA78: Nigerian President Calls For Enhanced International Cooperation With Africa

By Temitope Mustapha, Abuja

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Nigeria’s President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has called for enhanced International cooperation with African nations to achieve the 2030 agenda and SDGs.

He stressed the need for Africa to rise above external influences to attain its full potential and the support for firm democratic governance on the African Continent.

President Tinubu said this as he addressed the gathering of World Leaders at the 78th United Nations General Assembly in New York, United States.

Taking the rostrum of the UN General Assembly, President Tinubu called on the International community to strengthen its commitment to end the flow of arms and violent people into West Africa.

He said; “This harmful traffic undermines the peace and stability of an entire region. African nations will improve our economies so that our people do not risk their lives to sweep the floors and streets of other nations. We also shall devote ourselves to disbanding extremist groups on our turf.

“Yet, to fully corral this threat, the international community must strengthen its commitment to arrest the flow of arms and violent people into West Africa.”

President Tinubu condemned the harmful traffic saying “it undermines the peace and stability of an entire region.”

He assured the 78th session of UNGA that African nations would improve their economies to end the risk thousands of Africans take through the depths of the Mediterranean in search of a better life.

The President said; “This brings me to my third crucial point. Our entire region is locked in a protracted battle against violent extremists. In the turmoil, a dark channel of inhumane commerce has formed. Along the route, everything is for sale. Men, women and children are seen as chattel.

“Yet, thousands risk the Sahara’s hot sand and the Mediterranean’s cold depths in search of a better life. At the same time, mercenaries and extremists with their lethal weapons and vile ideologies invade our region from the north.

President Tinubu further called on the UN member states to reflect in their actions their commitment to crack down on terror financing, economic sabotage, and illicit mineral exploitation in the developing world

The Nigerian leader described the need to secure Africa’s mineral-rich areas from pilfering and conflict as an aspect of global trust and solidarity.

He said; “The fourth important aspect of global trust and solidarity is to secure the continent’s mineral-rich areas from pilfering and conflict. Many such areas have become catacombs of misery and exploitation. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has suffered this for decades, despite the strong UN presence there. The world economy owes the DRC much but gives her very little.”

President Tinubu however urged the UN Member nations to work with African leaders to deter their firms and nationals from this 21st century pillage of the continent’s riches.

“Given the extent of this injustice and the high stakes involved, many Africans are asking whether this phenomenon is by accident or by design. Member nations must reply by working with us to deter their firms and nationals from this 21st-century pillage of the continent’s riches,” President Tinubu added.



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