US mission in Nigeria aids individuals with grants

Amina Mohammed, Abuja


The US mission in Nigeria through its small grants program, has assisted some vulnerable individuals with grant that would benefit their community.

The US Ambassador to Nigeria Mr. W. Stuart Symington while giving the grant to the beneficiaries in Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital said the gesture was aimed at boosting the bilateral relations between the two countries.

He further urged the beneficiaries to make judicious use of the grants.

The grant is with a focus on assisting persons and families affected by HIV and AIDS including innovative project that provide care and support to orphans, vulnerable children, and their household.

He added that, “there are wonderful people in Nigeria and they are doing wonderful things, don’t mess it up.”

If you take this opportunity given to you from the people of United State to make people that you know and people that you live with and work with to make them and their lives better,” he said.

Other project includes construction, renovation, and furnishing of early childhood care and learning centres.

“All around the world, people have heard of Nigeria, people have heard of Africa, and smart people have said that if Nigeria continued to succeed, Africa would succeed,” he added.

The US Ambassador called on stakeholders to key into the gesture by alleviating the plight of vulnerable individuals within the country.