US Sanctions Russian, Chinese Entities Over Iran’s Drone Program

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The Biden administration has issued fresh Iran-related sanctions targeting multiple people and entities in Iran, Russia, China, and Turkey in connection with Tehran’s drone and military aircraft development.

The sanctions target seven individuals and four entities in the four countries that it said have “facilitated shipments and financial transactions” to the Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company and its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and military aircraft efforts, the US Department of Treasury said.

“Iran’s continued, deliberate proliferation of its UAVs enables Russia, its proxies in the Middle East, and other destabilizing actors to undermine global stability,” US Treasury Under Secretary of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, Brian Nelson said in a statement.

“The United States will continue to take action against Iran’s UAV procurement networks, and encourages jurisdictions to exercise the due diligence necessary to prevent the export of these components to Iran,” he added.

Meanwhile, Washington had earlier sanctioned five China-based companies and one individual over selling and shipping aerospace components, including parts used for drones, to the Iranian company, according to the Treasury.

US officials had said more sanctions on Iran were expected even as the two nations engaged in a swap this week with five Americans freed from Iran returning to the United States earlier today.



REUTERS/Christopher Ojilere

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