Usman knocked out, loses UFC belt to Edwards

Lekan Sowande

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Leon Edwards pulls off one of the surprises of the year and defeats Kamaru Usman by knockout in fifth rounds (4.04) to become the new UFC welterweight champion on a historic night in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In the first round Edwards dominated Usman with good strikes, with his long arms keeping him at bay the entire time. It looked like it was going to be a tough night for the champion.

Usman came out much calmer in the second round, brought out all his experience, threw good punches, hit his opponent up and down and took the challenger to the ground on several occasions but could not submit him.

The fight was slow, it took place mostly on the fence, Usman took Edwards against the mesh and there they stayed, one tried to submit and the other defended himself.

Before the fifth round, Edward’s corner told him to go all out, looking to finish the fight.

The challenger listened to his corner, although he did not start the round with everything, it was rather a copy of the previous episodes.

They were again on the fence and the referee asked them to go to the center of the octagon, it was then that the surprise was given.

Edwards feinted going in with a right hand, Usman put his hands up, tilted his head to the opposite side and received a kick that disconnected him.

No one in the arena could believe it, Usman’s long streak of seven defenses was over and there was a new UFC welterweight champion.

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