Violent protest in Pretoria

Police are battling to quell violence that has broken out in the area around South Africa’s capital, Pretoria.

A statement by the government said police officers came under fire as protesters allegedly attacked their car with stones.

Report says trouble broke out in the Tshwane area over the mayoral candidate chosen by the governing ANC for August’s elections.

Analysts say the tension relates to factionalism within the party.

Local media are showing pictures of burning barricades blocking main roads.

Call for dialogue
South Africa’s government has called for dialogue to sort out the problem.

According to reports, a local ANC leader said there would be more protests as the people’s mayor has been dropped.

The authorities have warned that perpetrators of violence would face the full might of the law.

Local elections are due in South Africa in August, with the ANC under increasing pressure over its handling of the economy and accusations it has failed to tackle corruption.