VON To Enhance Swahili Broadcast Via Exchange Programme

Abdul Mohammed Isa. Abuja



The Director General of Voice of Nigeria, Mallam Jibrin Ndace has welcomed Ramadhan Mpenda, a reporter and news editor from Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC), to enhance our Swahili broadcasts.

Ramadhan, fluent in Swahili and Arabic, will feature in the 2:00-2:30 PM programme on Simple Radio, Radio Garden, and TuneIn Radio.

Additionally, he will also provide Swahili language training to Voice of Nigeria staff.

“I’m excited to learn Swahili, one of Africa’s most widely spoken languages,” said DG VON.

Voice of Nigeria’s DG appreciated the team’s efforts and highlighted the reactivated partnership with TBC to reach out to other parts of Africa and beyond.

This partnership aligns with the recently revitalised collaboration with Voice of America and other planned expansions.

DG VON thanked Dr Ayub Rioba (TBC Director General) and Ambassador Judica Naguwa (Tanzanian Embassy Chargé d’Affaire) for their efforts.

 We are committed to creating a positive narrative about Nigeria, Nigerians, Africa, and Africans.

We support the Minister of Information’s efforts to restore trust in public communication and advance President Tinubu’s vision for a revitalised Nigeria, he added.


Dominica Nwabufo

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