World Communications Day: Pope Francis calls for active listening

Ukamaka Okafor, Abuja

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Pope Francis has called on humanity to Listen with the ear of the heart.

He stated this at the world celebrates 56th World Communications Day, celebration.

In his words, “Listening is therefore the first indispensable ingredient of dialogue and good communication.

“Communication does not take place if listening has not taken place, and there is no good journalism without the ability to listen. In order to provide solid, balanced, and complete information, it is necessary to listen for a long time. To recount an event or describe an experience in news reporting, it is essential to know how to listen, to be ready to change one’s mind, to modify one’s initial assumptions.

“It is only by putting aside monologues that the harmony of voices that is the guarantee of true communication can be achieved.

He maintained that active listening is importance in day-to-day relationships.

Meanwhile in Nigeria, the Archbishop of Abuja Catholic Archdiocese, Most Reverend Ignatius Kaigama cautioned social media users as well as conventional ones on the growing disconnect, rivalry, and disunity in communities, states, and the nation. He reminded them of the need to foster unity and peace by edifying the citizenry through the media.

The unity Jesus prayed for is possible only with the love of God in us. It would be edifying if citizens of other countries visit Nigeria and see that we are so united in mind and heart, and exclaim “see how these Nigerians love themselves!” This type of unity can come about if we have the spirit of what the Zulu call “Ubuntu”(I am because you are, he said.

With the theme for the 8th day,Listening brings unity”. The National Director, Social  Director, CSN, Very Reverend Father Michael Umoh noted that “it was informed by the fact that unity is only possible through communication, while also, communication is not possible without listening, therefore listening is an important element in the process of unity. But more than mere physical listening, Pope Francis admonishes that when we listen to one another with the ear of the heart, we are able to empathise, to show love and to achieve lasting unity. He says that “listening is a dimension of love,” and that “freely giving some of our which is founded on the respect for the dignity of the human person and an awareness of their inalienable right to speak own time to listen to people is the first act of charity.” Listening is the first indispensable ingredient for true dialogue and authentic communication and to be heard.

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