World Health Day: WHO calls for equitable access to quality healthcare

By Edward Samuel, Abuja

The World Health Organisation (WHO), has called for equitable access to quality health services, invest in health care, and call for global solidarity in advancing accessible healthcare for all.

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The WHO made this appeal in a statement ahead of today’s celebrations themed, “My health, my right” which is tied around the campaign to champion the right to health of everyone, everywhere.

The campaign aims to promote physical activity, well-being, and a healthy lifestyle among team members, partners, and the general public as well as raise awareness of the importance of achieving Universal Health Coverage.

The WHD is marked annually on April 7, to create awareness and draw attention to specific public health topics that raises concern to people all over the world.

The Director-General of WHO, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, urged governments, policymakers, and stakeholders to redouble their efforts in tackling health inequalities and building resilient health systems capable of withstanding future crises.

“In commemoration of World Health Day, countries around the globe hosted a myriad of events and initiatives aimed at promoting health awareness and advocacy.

“From community health screenings to educational campaigns, individuals and organizations rallied together to raise awareness about pressing health issues and promote preventive measures.

“One focal point of this year’s observance was the crucial role of vaccination in safeguarding public health.”

WHO called on governments to make meaningful investments to scale up primary health care, ensure transparency and accountability, and to meaningfully involve individuals and communities in decision-making around health.

According to the global health body, the campaign includes recognising the interdependence between the right to health and other fundamental rights calls to action on finance, agriculture, environment, justice, transport, labour and social affairs.

WHO said, individuals, communities and civil society have long defended their right to health and improving access to health care services by breaking down barriers and advocating for equity.

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