World Hijab Day: Coalition Calls for Rights of Hijab-Wearing Women

The Nigerian Coalition of Muslim Women has called on stakeholders to protect the fundamental rights of Hijab-wearing women, advocating equal opportunities.
In a joint statement at the 2024 World Hijab Day (WHD) Press Conference in Lagos, 18 leading Muslim organizations delivered this message.
Commemorated globally on February 1, World Hijab Day provides a platform to reflect on the strength, resilience, and pride embodied by Muslim women who choose this symbol of faith and identity.
The Director of Hijab Right Advocacy, Hajiah Mutiat Orolu said during the press briefing an examination of the daily challenges faced by Muslim women in the exercise of their religious beliefs.
She emphasized the constitutional assurance of freedom of thought, conscience, and religion, along with legal provisions recognizing and permitting the use of the Hijab.
She said that, regrettably, some public officials abuse their authority, encroaching upon the rights of Muslim women.
Orolu underscored the importance of referencing the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (As amended) to highlight these legal safeguards.
Hajiah Rafiah Tijani, Amirah of the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area Unit, highlighted challenges faced by students in public schools, urging the resolution of cases demanding Hijab removal for exam registration.
The International Muslim Women Union (IMU), represented by Hajiah Khadijah Ajibade, urged the media to focus on Hijab-related issues and disseminate the Supreme Court’s Hijab injunction for accessibility by school Principals and teachers.
Al-Muminaat, represented by Hajiah Balikis Abdullah, emphasised the strength of wearing the hijab as a choice to submit to Allah, dispelling stereotypes of oppression.
Alhaja Kudrat Ogunmuyiwa, representing FOMWAN, commended the groundbreaking achievements of Hijab women and celebrated Dr. Aminat Ige-Ariyibi for her outstanding contribution to education.
Several Islamic organisations, including the hijab Rights Advocacy Initiative, NASFAT, and MPAC, were present, showcasing solidarity for the cause.
Dominica Nwabufo

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