2023 Election; Caucus Endorses Tinubu as APC Presidential candidate

Lawan Hamidu, Abuja

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Members of the All Progressives Congress Caucus in the House of Representatives have endorsed Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the ruling party’s Presidential candidate in the 2023 general election.


The endorsement was pronounced during a meeting at the National Assembly complex, held at the instance of the APC National Leader, Senator Tinubu, who was accompanied by the Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila and Deputy Speaker Ahmed Idris Wase; Majority Leader. Alhassan Ado-Doguwa, and other Principal Officers, as well as Senator Iyiola Omisore.


Speaker Gbajabiamila in an address described Tinubu as the only candidate for the Presidency and challenged those intending to vie for the Presidency to desist from giving flimsy excuses to declare their intention.


Mr. Gbajabiamila maintained that it does not speak well of a party that boasts as the largest political party in the continent, not to see anyone that could rival Tinubu barely seven weeks to the APC party primary.


We have looked Left, right, front back, in search of how many people are running for presidency of Nigeria 2023. And I was saying to some or my colleagues just a couple of days ago, it doesn’t speak well or our great party that boasts 200 and something million people when we boast or being the largest country in Africa.


We boast of saying many things by Nigeria and by six, seven weeks before the primaries for the Presidency of this great country that we have only seen one person running up and down the country, traveling the length and breadth of Nigeria giving respect to all those to who respect is due, selling his wealth, marketing his true trade, delivering his message.


I personally think it’s wrong that for a country such as ours, we are only hearing names and nobody else is campaigning. I don’t think Nigeria is a country that can be taken for granted. I don’t think Nigeria is a country where people should wait six weeks before elections and we don’t know they are contesting except for one man; that is unfair to every citizen of Nigeria.” Gbajabiamila stressed.


Qualified Nigerian

Addressing the lawmakers, the former Lagos State Governor, averred that he is the most competent and qualified Nigerian for the exalted position of the President in the 2023 general elections.


Senator Tinubu who argued that other contenders have nothing to offer, said.


Most people have nothing to offer but questions and creating doubt. I am not here to be defensive.


I am here to tell you that I am one of the best products that you can sell. I am the only one in the race that is most competent, most qualified to be your President come year 2023. I am the only one who has been through the tutelage of the National Assembly.


I am the only one who has consistently been in one party. The others are not stable. Some of them are rolling stones. I have been through the National Assembly. I have been in the corporate world with a background in the public sector, academic, finance and development. I have inherited one of the first badly managed states in the states of this country.


What I want to request you to do is to support me. I have discussed that aspect, my lifelong ambition with Mr. President, that after the end of his term I want to step in his shoes and not step on his toes.”


While responding to a question on the lingering crisis in APC, Tinubu said “We are not in crisis. We solve our problems. Anybody who understands democracy should understand the facts about conflict and conflict resolution. That is the mechanism to solve problems in democracy. Another thing is voting. If you disagree.”


The Majority Leader, Alhassan Ado-Doguwa in a remark urged the APC Caucus to rally support for Senator Tinubu and argued that this is the time for APC lawmakers to reciprocate the kind gesture of Senator Tinubu for the support given to the party over the years.


And for the support you have given to the democratic system in this country, we are immeasurably grateful and there is no other chance whatsoever to support you to achieve his life ambition.


Doguwa added that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for the party, which was the reason Senator Tinubu has decided that the National Assembly should be one of the early points of call for him to solicit for support.


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