2023: Sokoto State Governor pledges to re-establish security in Nigeria

Rebecca Mu’azu, Gombe

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The former Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Tabuwal has pledged to re-establish security in Nigeria by addressing the immediate effect of mistrust pervading the country.

Speaking during his visit to the People’s Democratic Party Secretariat in Gombe State, where he addressed delegates of the party ahead of the PDP Presidential Primaries, Governor Tambuwal said that when voted in as the President of Nigeria, he would carry everyone along through roundtable discussions on the way forward for Nigeria’s diverse challenges.

He said he would strive to unite the country.

“I will not be averse to running a government of National Unity and running a government that is inclusive and transparent in its dealings with Nigerians. It is here with us and we must address the issue. All we require is for us to bring ourselves to a roundtable and engage, and discuss the way forward for this country,” Governor Tambuwal said.

He said the restructuring of the country was unavoidable in Nigeria and as such he would, when elected as the President of Nigeria, run a Government of National Unity, inclusive of all.

Some are talking about physical restructuring; some are talking about how we can devolve powers to the states and local governments, so that we can take more developments to the grassroots. Some are talking about how we can equitably distribute development in the country,” said Governor Tambuwal.

He says he believes that developments can be addressed through strong leadership, which he possessed, through his knowledge of Nigeria’s challenges when he served as the Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives.

“I understand these issues and I have been speaking to them and I know what it takes to bring about conversations, discussions dialogue, bringing people together as a former speaker of this country,” said Governor Tambuwal.

The Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party in Gombe State, General Abnor Kwaskebe, pledged, on behalf of the party delegates, to support Governor Tambuwal in actualising his ambition of being the next President of Nigeria.