3,000 Glaucoma Patients Receive Treatment

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More than 3,000 glaucoma patients have received treatment at Obafemi Awolowo University and Teaching Hospital Complex (OAUTHC) in the past year.

Head of Ophthalmology at OAUTHC,Prof Bernice Adegbehingbe made the disclosure during an interview on the 2023 World Glaucoma Week.

The theme of this year’s event is “The World is bright, Save your Sight”.

This year’s World Glaucoma Week from March 13 to 16, features a Glaucoma awareness talk, Radio Programme, and screening for patients, among others.

According to her, Glaucoma leads to total blindness and is the common cause of irreversible blindness.

Adegbehingbe stated that early diagnosis remained the only way out to avoid glaucoma.

The ophthalmologist stated that anybody above 40 years with a family history of diabetes, hypo/hypertension, migraine, and sickle cell patients are prone to have glaucoma because is hereditary.

She advised all to check their eyes at least once in two years, for them to ensure their safety optically for 50 percent.

Adegbehingbe condemned the lackadaisical attitudes of Nigerian leaders over health and eye care.

She said that “only government workers were enjoying health insurance schemes, compared to what was obtained in developing countries”.

She urged the government to mandate glaucoma tests for students seeking admission from primary to tertiary Institutions as well as job seekers in other to eradicate the diseases among the young and aged.

Adegbehingbe noted that while the eyesight of cataract patients could be restored through surgery, glaucoma has no remedy.

She commended the government and private bodies which organised cataract surgery, free eye screening, and glasses for the public and called for more emphasis on glaucoma.

She appealed to the government and philanthropists to subsidise drugs for glaucoma patients in view of their high costs.

Adegbehingbe also urged the government to place treatment and drugs for glaucoma patients under NHIS for the relief of the patients.

Also, the President, the Glaucoma Association of Nigeria, OAUTHC, Mrs. Lydia Oke, lauded ophthalmologists at the teaching hospital for giving glaucoma patients the best treatment.

Oke urged the government to come to their aid by subsidising their drugs which were too expensive, saying that many glaucoma patients were already going blind due to inadequate care.


NAN/ Oyenike Oyeniyi

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