Abia Governor-Elect Unveils Remedies To State Challenges

By Bitrus Kozah

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The Governor-elect of Abia State Southeast Nigeria, Dr. Alex Otti said he has promised to use the resources accruing to the state for the benefit of all indigenes of Abia and residents of the state.

Dr. Otti said he was aware and prepared to deal with issues of infrastructural decay which has continued to mitigate against the growth and development of the state. “This will be tackled head-on,” he noted.

Immediate attention

He assured the people that the deplorable state of infrastructure, roads, schools and health systems, would receive immediate attention and priority.

He said for his administration to have sustainable development, it would require painstaking and elaborate layout of master plans to tackle the menace of flooding and re-engineer cities like Aba, Umuahia and other cities to support the urban renewal projects.

Remain resolute

He said the administration would craft policies that would enable the government tap the creative energies of the people and remain resolute in their drive to eliminate poverty and create sustainable wealth for the people.

The Governor-elect was optimistic that he and his Deputy-elect Ikechukwu Emetu are trusting “God for His enablement to offer” thier “services to Abians” in such a way that they wouldnot disappoint” the people.

He also said they would implement their manifesto which he referred to as a pact between their administration and the people of Abia state.

Accountable government

He reassured the people of the State, that he and his running mate would run an open, transparent and accountable government devoid of waste and profligacy.

The Abia State Governor-elect reiterated that their doors would remain opened and their “channels of communication would remain unfettered.”

He said he would encourage the people’s contributions and suggestions to be a guiding light to navigate the thorny paths of rebuilding the state and transforming it for the benefit of all.

Dr Otti reassured the people that they will do their best to ensure that the trust reposed in them is not in vain.

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