Addis Ababa residents welcome humanitarian truce

Hauwa Mustapha

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People in Addis Ababa welcomed news of a humanitarian ceasefire in the north of the country.

Ethiopian government declared a surprise truce Thursday, saying it hoped the move would ease humanitarian access to Amhara, Afar, and Tigray regions hit by fighting.

On Friday, the Tigray People’s Liberation Forces (TPLF) rebels said they were ending hostilities in response to Addis Ababa’s announcement.

“The government decision is good because the people are starving there, and it will also improve the cost of living in our country. It is the right decision both economically and socially,” said Yonas Assefa, a driver.

“We can only eat our daily bread when there is peace, it is very pleasing to negotiate for peace, especially for our sisters and brothers in the north,” added Mesfin Asirat, a teacher.

After their attempt on the capital was defeated last December, the TPLF attacked the Afar region, blocking a vital route for emergency aid.

Fighting broke out in Tigray in November of 2020 after loyal to the region’s rulers attacked federal army bases killing soldiers and looting weapons.

Last June, Addis Ababa announced a truce and withdrew its forces from Tigray, only for the rebels to attack neighbouring regions in their bid to advance on the capital.