Agric Ministry, Experts Consider Technology To Curb Cattle Rustling

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THE Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in partnership with Megacorp Nigeria Ltd , Dr Kabir Abdulkadir, an Executive Director, Megacorp Nigeria Ltd. has said that it was considering the use of technology that would made it difficult and near impposible to rustle cow in the country.

Abdulkadir also said such innovation would stem the tide of farmer/herder clashes in the country.

He disclosed this during the State Level Advocacy on the importance of National Animals identification and Traceability System to Pastoralists in Abuja.

The programme was organised by Federal Capital Territory Administration Agriculture Rural Development Secretariat.

He said that with reaserch, they have been able to come up with a technological rekated solution that could identify, register and trace cow, with a robust databese.

He said that this would help the Federal Government to be able to ascertain the number of animals in the country, thereby helping to plan for the animals appropriately.

He also said that the animals would be linked to the owners, such as people link their cars, with the plate number and if anything happened such can be reported.

He stated that with the innovation, it would be impossible for anybody to rustle cow, because such cow could be traced.

Abdulkadir said that their biodata would be obtained, stressing the country would be proud of knowing owners of those cows and their population.

“The project is about identifying the animals to their owners, so that we can curb the incessant rustling, the incessant crisis between farmers and herders that has been ravaging the country.

He said that with registration of animals to the owners, it would help to restore peace and also generate income for the country.

Mr Abdulraheem Yahaya, Head of Animal Breeding and Conservation incharge of Animal Identification and Traceability System, FCDA said that the project was about identifying the animals to the owners.

This according to him will help to curb the incessant cattle rustling and the crisis between farmers and herders that had ravaged the country.

He said that the system would afford the animals to have a passport in the barcode of the ear tag, such that when it is scanned, the owner can be easily known.

According to him, 50 per cent of the software is already developed, It is waiting for us to roll it out, but before rolling it out, the state has to be sensitized.

Mr Hakeem Ibilade, Assistant Director FMARD representing Director Animal Husbandry Services said that cattles can be identified and monitor and it would help reduce issues of herders, farmers clashes.

“This system will help us know our cattles we have to know where the animals and also help us know the owners of these cattles.”

“Once we have the data, it means we have the information and to fill the gaps and this  information will help in resolving livestock challenges.” He said.

Malam Yahaya Isah, Chairman Miyetti Allah, Cattle Breeder Association of Nigeria, FCT chapter, said the the only predicament bedeviling the association is that it had never an opportunity to share its ideas with the government.

He comended the initiative, adding that it was a good intentions if accepted and handled well, stressing that all that was required for it to be successful must be provided.

“ I believe its going to be a good development as far animal production is concerned,” he added.