Ancellotti Confirms Vinicius Jr Won’t Leave Club Despite Racial Abuse


Real Madrid manager, Carlo Ancelotti, insists Vinicius Jr will not be leaving the club despite suffering racial abuse in the LaLiga this season.

Valencia supporters targeted the Brazilian winger during an away game at the Mestalla and made monkey gestures and noises at the 22-year-old.

The game proceeded after a brief interruption when Vinicius pointed out a number of the offenders to the referee. Three guys were subsequently apprehended on suspicion of being part of the racist remarks on Tuesday.

According to a report on, Vinicius feels let down by Real Madrid and La Liga’s lack of support. And may consider leaving as a result. However, Ancelotti is confident Vinicius will stay and continue to defend himself.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Ancelotti responded to a question regarding the Brazilian’s future with Los Blancos

He said: “Vinicius loves football and Vinicius loves Real Madrid. I think that he’s not really planning to leave, that’s not what he’s thinking here.

“His love for Real Madrid is so big that he wants to continue to play here, make history with this team and win titles for this club.

“Of course, I’ve talked to him. Of course, he’s sad, but he knows very well that he has the support of the whole world and not only the support of Real Madrid and his teammates.

He has received support from his rivals, from his international teammates, from football legends, so in this respect, he’s very calm.”

The 2022/23 season is a somewhat disappointing one for Los Blancos. They will end the season with only the 2022/23 Copa del Rey. To get back to their perch, Real Madrid need a player in Vinicius’ mould.

Vinicius has netted an impressive 23 goals and 21 assists in all competitions for Real Madrid so far this season. Although the season will end without Real Madrid winning the league, Vinicius has been spectacular in the course of the league season.




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