BBTitans: Blaqboi emerges new Head of House

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Two housemates of Big Brother Titans, Ipeleng and Blaqboi, have emerged as the new joint Heads of House of the ongoing reality show.

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As the show draws to an expected dramatic ending, the Head of House games get fiercer, with everyone pulling and trying to get a hold of the spot as it guarantees them at least one more week without possible eviction.

After the game today, Blaqboi became the new Head of House, and he chose Blue Aiva to enjoy the HoH privileges with him.

Last night, Ipeleng, who already had a guaranteed spot in the finale, was asked to choose a person who would automatically be in the finale with her, and to everyone’s surprise, she deviated from what we’d like to call the obvious choices: Miracle and Blaqbloi, and went for Ebubu.

We hope she made the right move and can’t wait to find out. The show will draw its last curtain on April 12, 2023.

Currently, there are only 12 housemates left: Ebubu, Tsatsii, Nana, Thabana, Justin, Yvonne, Blue Aiva, Kanaga Jnr., Blaqboi, and Ipeleng, Khosi, and Miracle OP.