Burkina Faso shut down Facebook over security reasons

Hauwa Mustapha

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Authorities in Burkina Faso say they have blocked access to Facebook for security reasons.

Government spokesman Alkassoum Maiga said the government did not have to comment on the cause of the blockade, which began on January 10 and continued.

Omega Radio quoted the spokesman as saying, “I think that if we have a choice between letting insecurity spread and taking measures that allow us to maintain a minimum control over the situation, then the choice seems clear to us that the national interest must take precedence,”.

On 11th January, the government announced the arrest of eight soldiers in connection with a development, which the country’s media described as a coup attempt.

Internet rights group NetBlocks says there was a significant internet outage on 11th January.

The alleged killing of 53 people by suspected jihadists last November has sparked public outrage at the government and has heightened fears of a military coup in the country.